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My ultimate goal is to bring out the very best in each and every horse I spend time with. I strive for efficiency, smooth transitions, and forward motion. I want my horses to be honest and easy for anyone to ride. My passion is training horses and everyday that I am blessed with the opportunity to work with a horse I am rewarded. I always try to improve in every area of my life as I feel life is an opportunity for learning and continuous improvement. Every horse I have the pleasure of working with teaches me more in regards to their education and communication. Horses can be so different and yet so similar that I
have to adapt to the needs of each individual. 

For me training barrel horses has to start with a very solid foundation
to build on. This to me means a colt that has been started correctly
and taught the basics such as respect, a light touch, and confidence.

Before starting the barrel pattern a horse should be able to move off leg pressure, be responsive to neck and rein pressure, and be controllable from front to back. I never force a horse to turn a barrel. I want them to enjoy it and ultimately do it on their own with very little help from me. I have learned that the less I have to handle a horse the softer they are and more responsive they become.

I have been very fortunate to have teamed up with Kenny Mills to start our colts. He has extensively studied the methods of the late Ray Hunt and has attended his clinics. Kenny is a very patient trainer with a soft touch. I would recommend him to anyone who wants their colts started right.


Includes: Training, grooming and feed.

Any hauling, entry fees, supplements, farrier or veterinary services will be an additional cost.

A limited number of horses are taken at a
time so that each one receives proper attention.
Thank you for your interest in Goudeau Farms. If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact us at 979-482-2024.
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