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  Committed to Agriculture
The Goudeau family has been in farming and ranching in the Hungerford, Texas area since the late 1800s. A family-run hay business, we take great pride in baling and delivering high quality square bales to our customers.

Committed to Quality
We specialize in superior horse quality square bales.  We carry different varieties of Bermuda grass -  Coastal and Alicia . At the beginning of each hay season, our fields are treated to ensure weed-free growth.

We also fertilize our fields with a balanced fertilizer after each cutting. We are committed to baling only the best hay possible for our customers’ horses. 

We also bale cow hay, which contains a mixture of different types of grasses. When we speak of cow hay, we are simply saying that we do not believe it qualifies as horse quality hay. This hay is not guaranteed for horses.

All of our round bales are 4x5 and weigh from 900-1000 pounds. Our square bales are very tight, compact and weigh approximately 55 pounds. Our horse hay come guaranteed with customer satisfaction. 

Committed to our Customers
Goudeau Farms has been baling hay since the 1970’s serving local ranchers and horse owners. During the 1980’s Goudeau Farms expanded our delivery to Houston and surrounding counties. Our Hay Farms are located 40 miles southwest of downtown Houston. We operate the most efficient hay equipment in Texas, allowing us to bale more hay in a day. This helps insures that our hay maintains good color and we bale dry hay. 

We specialize in horse quality, fine stemmed Alicia and Coastal Bermuda hay. Our hay farms consist of over 1100 acres of hay, which allows us to provide year round quality square bales to our customers. We can also store up to 140,000 bales for winter in our five hay barns.

Our cow hay is also available year round in either round or square bales. Cow hay is clean hay that did not meet our quality standards to become horse hay. 

We can arrange delivery for round bales anywhere in Texas.

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Shay Goudeau
Phone: 979-637-0637
Michael Goudeau
Phone: 979-482-2024
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Coastal Hay available in Harris County. Goudeau Farms is located in Hungerford, Texas, and serves the greater Houston area, including the Sugar Land, Wharton and Katy areas.
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